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  • Emphazima is a disease of the lung tissue, in which the natural elasticity is lost and the lungs fail to function properly. Among other things, the loss of elasticity caused by emphazima prevents a sufferer from exhaling fully.
  • The lung tissue is unable to "spring back" to its contracted position as quickly as it used to, making it hard for emphazima sufferers to empty their lungs. Because the previous breath was not completely exhaled, people with emphazima have trouble getting enough oxygen when they inhale due to the decreased lung capacity.

Causes of emphazima

  • Emphazima is usually caused by smoking cigarettes over time. The damage of emphazima can also be caused by other dangerous inhaled substances.
  • There are also people born lacking enough alpha-1 antitrypsin, which makes them more susceptible to emphazima. These people also have a higher likelihood of contracting emphazima at a younger age.

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